Exchange student in San Francisco

Exchange student in San Francisco

A new culture

As an exchange student you will experience United states from another perspective, you will see it through more local eyes, than as a tourist. If you want to improve your English and see one of the biggest countries from another side, you must try being an exchange student. San Francisco is known for its atmospheric feeling that is spread out all over the city, with the old trams that are going through the beautiful city and a flowering art scene. Not to forget the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz but also the beautiful nature surrounding the city. The college is placed in the middle of the big city, so plenty of opportunities to explore it all.

Many different nationalities

When on college you will get lots of friends, and friends from all over the world. San Francisco state university have over 100 exchange students every year, from countries all over the world. You can choose by living with a local family and experience American culture, or you can stay at a dorm with other students. Both are very good opportunities to meet other people from other cultures. At SF state university you will be a part of the openminded campus and the San Francisco and Silicon Valley culture. And the university was ranked the third most diverse university in the United States with students from over 100 countries.

Being in San Francisco and in the Bay area, you will never get bored, there are always 50 things happening every day. It can be all from events at campus to events in the big city. San Francisco is a city that is always in growth because of the culture of entrepreneurship. Being close to Silicon Valley the culture of tech is very easy to feel when going around campus and the city, everyone is very motivated and always working on something which is very nice because it will rubs off on you, and you will get motivated to do your thing.

Being away from home

Being abroad for a long period of time can be hard time to time. You miss family and friends at home, you miss the food and feeling from your home country. As a Dane something that would help me, would be Danish products, but it’s hard to find on the other side of the world, but I found a web shop that could deliver Danish products to me on the other side of the world. NORDIC EXPAT SHOP offers all the Danish products that I missed from home, like Faxe kondi and Danish candy. They have a wide variety of products and very fast shipping.